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Sightseeing in Constance: with Tour Guides

Sightseeing Lake Constance, Reiseleiter für Ausflüge Konstanz Meeting Point - Sightseeing: city guide Constance

Explore the unique history, architecture and monuments of Constance! Let us guide you through the streets and hidden alleys of Constance telling all the stories about the church council that has made this city famous all over the world.


Our English speaking tour guides will ensure you to get the most out of your visit.


Generally our city tours start at Constance harbour, where we meet next to the historic clock (see picture).


We also organise guided tours for groups and we arrange corporate events with a difference! We can meet your group at your hotel, if desired.


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Ihre Reiseleiter + Stadtführer in Konstanz

Robin Schnare-Schier und Ursula Bischoff-Schultze mit Team

Jan Hus Constance, Jan Hus Council Constance, Konzil Konstanz Hus Jan Hus at Isle-Tower

Following the footsteps of Jan Hus


Asked to defend his teachings during the church council and with the King's guarantee of safe conduct, Jan Hus arrived in Constance to be confronted with quite a few unexpected moments.

After only a few months he was burned at the stake thus ending his life but at same time marking a new religious beginning.

City Guide Constance, Jewish Tour Guide lake Constance Remembering Jewish Citicens of Constance

Tour of Jewish Constance


You retrace the rich history of the Jewish community from the Middle Ages through modern times.

Success and numerous contributions to the city, but also the plague years and modern persecution make this an exciting tour that will leave an educational impact on everyone.

The information offered during this tour will open a door that has too long been closed.

Churches and Monasteries Constance, City Guide Lake Constance Münster at Constance

Churches and Monasteries


Death and religion used to be so much more part of every-day life during the Middle Ages.

The church council, the brief interlude of the reformation and modern times left their imprints, too. But after all, the wealth of the town and the generosity of her citizens created a treasury of buildings that fortunately survived World War II.

Quite a few serve a different purpose today.

This tour will let you discover and explore the old town of Constance.

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